Home Reading & Learning for Kids During Pandemic

Home Reading & Learning For Kids During Pandemic

Home Reading & Learning – Supporting Children During The Pandemic

The pandemic has been a big challenge to everyone in the society. It affects us on how we conduct our works, activities and socialize. In the hard times of the COVID-19, we have restructured the new norm, from social distancing, wearing facemask, taking care of our hand hygiene and many more. When we are restricted in our workplace, so do our kids. 

The children are facing difficulties in learning when they’re away from school, especially during lockdown period. Teachers and tutors are adapting to online teaching so education can be passed on even when kids are away from the typical classrooms. But the responsibility does not rely on only the teachers, parents must be in the process too.

We at ITSSB would love to have parents to foster the habit of reading story books and teaching them at home too. Reading children’s books to your child can be incredibly important. Children begin to understand the environment around them and make new connections. The interaction with words and pictures strengthens children’s cognitive, emotional, language, motor, sensory, and social skills development.

Challenges of Home Reading & Learning for Kids

As parents are facing the challenges, they can certainly feel surprised, especially at a time when most are worried about their health and financial well-being. Being a teacher overnight to your children can come with certain challenges:

  1. Children Feeling of Isolation
    Having used to be in the classroom with friends. Homeschooling children are on their own, this is why parents must make a schedule on how they can use their time effectively. Children are filled with energy and you can make learning and reading fun. Make them feel special and unique to have the time to read and learn from you
  2. Maintaining Balance
    Keeping life, work, and family in a state of balance can be a tough one. It is extremely tricky to achieve the ideal balance between being an authority figure in the house and an inspiring educator. Spouses can work together to make the load more bearable and step in if they see each other floundering, emotionally or mentally. 
  3. Siblings
    This can present challenges when the younger children need care and attention while the parent is their kids how to read and learn. To tackle this, be sure to involve the younger children in hands-on activities such as pronouncing the words, drawing and writing too. 

Importance of Home Learning for Younger Children (Preschoolers) 

Making reading fun can also develop a love of reading. Children’ brain development is fast and rapid between the ages of 0-5. Delays in development during this period can lead to lifelong consequences in terms of learning abilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended family life around the world. School closures, working remotely or from home to physical distancing. 

Best thing about being a parent, your kids feel safe and secure when they’re with you. With individual attention, repetition and encouragement, individual learning gains can actually be quicker at home than in class. We have a few tips to parents on how you can provide home learning and teach your kids to develop the habit of learning. 

  • Read to children 15 minutes a day
  • If you’re reading a story book, get children involved in the story
  • Focus on reading with playfulness and active play
  • Learn to rest after home reading/ learning

If you want to find good reading materials that are suitable for your kids check out our selection of story books here, we also have books that are compatible with the current school syllabus. Most of our books are catered to all the public schools nationwide. Check out our website for more learning materials!

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