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Why Your Children Need Sensory Integration Toys

Itssb Blog Why Your Children Need Sensory Integration Toys

What is Sensory Integration? Sensory play has an important role in development. Sensory Integration training focuses on individual’s senses such as sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These 5 senses are working all the time to help us to connect, interpret and unify information we get in the environment. Sensory integration organizes and integrates different […]

ITSSB: Importance of Educational Toys

ITSSB Importance of Educational Toys

The Importance of Educational Toys Kids are always curious. They are eager to know, to learn and to understand their surroundings. Being interested in the environment around them and exploring nature are parts of growing up. Have you ever wondered why young children learn languages faster than the adults? This is because their neurological systems […]

The Flag of Malaysia


The History of Malaysia’s Flag At first glance, Malaysia’s flag has similarities with the flag of the United States of America. What makes our flag stand out is the yellow crescent moon and the star. It features 14 alternating red and white stripes as well as a blue canton in the upper left corner. The […]

COVID-19 Protective Items for Students

COVID-19 Protective Items for Students-01

ITSSB Response to COVID-19 Back to School Guideline The global pandemic called COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives in the modern time. This outbreak has tested countries, society, industries and people unlike any crisis before. We are now heading towards what it is called the “new norm” just to protect ourselves from […]

What Are The Uses of Infrared Thermometer

itssb-What Are The Uses of Infrared Thermometer-01

What is an Infrared Thermometer? Unlike the conventional thermometers what we see and use in clinics such as the mercury thermometer where doctors use to measure our body temperature. The infrared thermometer is a handheld device that can measure and display temperature reading after being pointed out at a particular object. The infrared thermometer was […]

Why Wash Your Hands is Important?

Why Wash Your Hands is Important

Wash Hands – The Term of The Year In the time of pandemic, especially the frightening news on the COVID-19 cases, we are experiencing something that the world has never experienced before. Countries all over the world in dire situations and plenty of strict measures have been taken to curb the pandemic. From social distancing, […]

Guide to Prevent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Schools and Kindergartens

Guide to Prevent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Schools and Kindergartens

What is Coronavirus/ COVID-19?  COVID-19 also known as novel Coronavirus is originated from the Wuhan region of China and had its first recorded case back in December 2019. It is also called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). It has similarities in symptoms compared to the common flu and colds. In some of the severe […]

3D Printing Pen by ITSSB

3D Printing Pen by ITSSB

ITSSB 3D Pen for Artists and Children ITSSB  3D printing pen is a dynamic tool for any young artists. This 3D Pen changed how we create art. For kids with boundless creativity, art and crafts for them come to life and literally jump off the page! You heard of 3D printing before so what is […]

ITSSB guide to Playground: A Place For Children To Grow and Learn


ITSSB Experience: Playground Is More Important Than You Think We have been supplying educational kits, toys and tools for schools for many years and we realized that, nothing inspired learning and promoted growth more in children than playing. Playing impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically and with multifaceted ways. So […]

Uniform dan Pakaian Seragam Untuk Murid Sekolah

Uniform dan Pakaian Seragam Untuk Murid Sekolah

Uniform dan Pakaian Seragam Semua Aktiviti Kokurikulum Semua sekolah kebangsaan memerlukan pelajar mereka untuk mengambil bahagian dalam aktiviti kokurikulum bermula dari darjah 4. Untuk memenuhi syarat-syarat aktiviti dan kelab tersebut, pelajar perlu memakai pakaian seragam sebagai salah satu pilihan utama mereka. ITSSB ialah salah satu pakar pakaian seragam di Malaysia. Sebagai salah satu pengedar rasmi […]

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