ITSSB: Full Protection Disposable Coverall protective suits

ITSSB-Full Protection Disposable Coverall protective suits

What is a Disposable Coverall Protective Suit?

Dealing with deadly virus pandemic requires  taking extra precautions to not come in contact with any fluid from the suspected and infected patient. This is why in every pandemic crisis, we see medical staff put on full body protective equipment. It is also known as the disposable coverall protective suit when treating this kind of virus which is lethal and contagious.

Disposable coverall protective suit, short for hazardous material suit, is a garment tailored to cover the whole body. It is designed to protect the wearer against toxic materials, chemicals and deadly biological agents. The biggest benefit of wearing coverall protective suits is to ensure agents or substances do not touch the wearer. All the hospitals are advised to have these disposable coverall protective suits ready and prepared to handle cases such as Ebola, SARS and the latest pandemic, COVID-19.

Medical staff members wearing protective clothing to help stop the spread of a deadly virus which began in the city, work at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan on January 25, 2020. – The Chinese army deployed medical specialists on January 25 to the epicentre of a spiralling viral outbreak that has killed 41 people and spread around the world, as millions spent their normally festive Lunar New Year holiday under lockdown. (Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP)

ITSSB to Supply Disposable Coverall Protective Suit

With more 7 Billion people on the planet, the abundance of airline flights to any destination on the globe can put anybody in danger. The widespread COVID-19 infection has shown us how fast people can be infected. This virus has more chance to spread quickly than ever before. The doctors and medic must be ready to tackle this issue on such a huge scale. Get full-body coverage when working with chemicals and contaminants by wearing a coverall protective suit. 

Double the Protection to Frontliners Fighting Against COVID-19

ITSSB has products that can help prevent infection and the spread of disease. Together with the disposable coverall protective suit, you need extra protection. Surgical Face Shields provide over the top, side, and front face protection against splash and splatter of fluid-borne pathogens. The face shields come with anti-fog, high light transmission and anti-glare performance features.


  • Protection extended and widened
  • HD anti-fog material
  • High temperature resistance
  • Elastic band that won’t deform after repeated stretching
  • Suitable for all faces

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