3D Printing Pen by ITSSB

3D Printing Pen by ITSSB

ITSSB 3D Pen for Artists and Children

ITSSB  3D printing pen is a dynamic tool for any young artists. This 3D Pen changed how we create art. For kids with boundless creativity, art and crafts for them come to life and literally jump off the page! You heard of 3D printing before so what is 3D pen? 

When we look at the meaning of creativity, this very item proved that you can use creativity to create even more amazing arts and crafts. The 3D printing pen looks like a large version of an ordinary pen or pencil, but the pen or pencil uses materials that are traditional ink or graphite refills, while the 3D printing pen uses plastic. 

Assume 3D printing machine in a hand-size, You feed strands of hard plastic also known as filament into the pen; the pen melts the filament and extrudes it out of the tip as a string of gooey plastic. 

3D Pen in Secondary School Syllabus 

As time passes, more and more subjects are going through new approach and evolution. We can foresee that more subjects that include computer programming, robotics and computer science will be included in the school syllabus. 3D Pen is in the Form 2 textbook as well. It’s covered in “Reka Bentuk & Teknologi” subject. 

How to Use ITSSB 3D Pen? 

Use and hold it like the regular pens. Draw in any direction including up and middle in the air! With constant practice, you can create 3D art, figurines, game pieces, or basic plastic objects like boxes and geometry pieces. It also offers a variety of different colors, and each pen can use a different color of material.

This pen is suitable for everyone, even kids as young as 8 years old. Drawing a clean-looking model with a 3D pen may take time because it needs a lot of practice, which means that beginners should be okay with their creations look a little more natural. If you have used or been working with a 3D printing before, you’ll find exceptional freedom using a 3D pen. This is because you do not need a software to create a mold and you can also combine 3D printing with 3D drawing to fill in mistakes in a printed model, or to finish it with colorful details.

Stimulate Creativity in Children with 3D Pen

The biggest fans of 3D pens are usually the kids at home and school. It’s designed with safety in mind, and should enable you to get working on a project quickly and without worry of injury when you get into the zone. Kids are able to create small sculptures of everything that comes to their imagination.

That is ITSSB have focused on developing our version of a 3D pen that is moving more towards education and a younger audience. The special features of ITSSB 3D pen include:

  • Reliable
  • Steady outflow of plastic filament
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to refill
  • Portable
  • Safe
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