Celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day, Merdeka!


The Day Where Malaysia Celebrate Independence Day

August 31 is Hari Merdeka or Malaysia’s Independence Day. We as Malaysians called it “Hari Merdeka”. We came a long way in the history book, Malaysia was known as Malaya and our history with the British goes back to 1786. From the East India Company establishment in Penang, their settlement in Singapore in 1819 and Malacca in 1830 to the war with Japanese after 1948 a Federation of Malaya was created under British protection.

The Federation of Malaya gained independence from British rule on August 31, 1957. More 20,000 people gathered to celebrate the sovereignty at the Stadium Merdeka on that historical day. The official declaration was witnessed by the King and Queen of Thailand.

The Importance Of Patriotism in Malaysia

When it comes to the word “patriotism”, we have our very own definition of this word. For many , being patriotic is a hard concept to grasp. It is more than building loyalty to one’s country but it’s about respect and love. There is a certain kind of pride of being Malaysian and also have big desire for our country to thrive, to succeed and to recognized around the world. 

It is also important to have unconditionally support and respect the nation. Patriotism develops naturally and is important for the protection of a country’s culture and historical heritage. It is to take pride in representing one’s nation. Love of the country can be a combination of many different aspects related to one’s nation such as cultural, political, traditional or historical aspects. Some define patriotism as the attachment to one’s land. Patriotism involves love for the citizens of the nation and the urge to live in harmony with all regardless of gender, ethnicity, race and religion. 

Support and Love To Malaysia

We at ITSSB encourage everyone, especially the youth, to love their country. No matter where you are from, it is part of who you are because it is where you come from. No matter what our country is going through, it is important to focus on what is good and stand together united, pushing for progress. Don’t be afraid to show your patriotism especially this coming Merdeka.
A small flag of our beloved country Malaysia on our car can nurture the pride of being a Malaysian. Patriotism primarily means to serve the nation and its citizens. It is to stay united and make our nation a better place to live in. It is to take pride in our nationality.

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