Back to School Deals & Shopping at ITSSB

Back to School Deals & Shopping at ITSSB

Accommodating Back To School Needs with ITSSB

ITSSB is a Malaysian owned company that offers quality, selection, service and value to our customers. We offer more than 10,000 products that are catering to education needs for both parents and teachers. You are more than welcome to visit our website and contact us. Do search for creative solutions to meet your education needs. 

Going back to school in the year of 2020 is going to be exciting. Plenty of new subjects and school projects will be waiting for your kids. As a parent, you want your kids to thrive and succeed in their curricular activities too. The future of education is this country is changing. Nowadays, kids are encouraged to have better flow in creativity and also knowledge in digital subjects too. This is why robotic, arts, music, basic engineering and computer science are becoming more popular. 

If you’re looking for education toys for toddlers, we also have it all. Our educational toys are meant to help little kids to develop their motor skills and enhancing brain capacity in them too. This will make your toddlers to be more receptive to learning in younger age.

How We at ITSSB Can Help Parents at Home and Teachers at School

Whether in the art room, the PE (Pendidikan Jasmani) class, the early learning environment, or the general education classroom, inclusion is a vital component to an advance curricular activities, ITSSB can provide all the kits and tools for instructors, teachers and schools. We have a wide selection of adapted products and tools for calming and focus to set students up for success. 

The Importance of Educational Kits and Toys 

Playing is important to children. It is the best way they start learning. Kids need more mental stimulation when it comes to absorbing new information and knowledge. Colours and fun activities can directly shape kids’ brains in learning new things. Our products encourage and develop your children’s imaginative, creative and problem solving skills. 

You don’t have to wait when it comes to teaching, children can start to learn when they are 2 years old. It might not be math and science but they can learn how to adopt information and speed up their motor skills development. These are enough to make your kids well set up for their schooling days and not to mention boosting their self esteem and confidence too! Fore more info, check out our website!

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