The Importance of PRS Kit for School

The Importance of PRS Kit for School

What is PRS?

PRS or also known as Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya is a program built by the ministry of education to develop excellent character in students. The idea of having the PRS program as a student peer supporters helping other students will bring plenty of goodness in the youth community. It can help to promote unity between students, encourage reduction of bullying and loneliness, as well as substance abuse education communication. 

PRS encourages young people to take responsibility and work independently. Peer supporters are ordinary students who volunteer to work for other young people and play an important part in developing a safe school ethos. At ITSSB,  we view and promote inclusive settings as systems, schools and classrooms that have shared ownership between and among all staff for the learning of all students

Objectives of PRS

1. To build a PRS team to assist students’ in the academic, behavioral, emotional and ethical areas.

2. To provide support in the counselling services and fulfilling the demands of PRS.

3. To train students so they can have the skills that enable effective communications between students. 

The Importance of PRS

PRS seeks to improve the status of teen mental health in the nation through establishing a peer support specialist system in high schools. We believe that the current system of mental health support for teen communities is inefficient and sometimes difficult to access. We have to stand together when it comes to mental health.

In recent years, we have observed and experienced the rise of mental health cases between students in high schools. Let’s address mental health issues in high school students as people are statistically more likely to develop mental illness during young adulthood, and high school students are highly likely to have numerous other problems as a result of having poor mental health. 

School students, PRS team, teachers and counselors can get the SET PRS by clicking the link below:

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