ITSSB Guide of Having Counselling & Intervention in Schools


ITSSB Guides on Ethics and Discipline

Young minds need proper guidance that will make them potent to stand in society and make a name for themselves. Counselling not only helps them to discover their best qualities but also find the drive and purpose to their future career and mentally prepare them for societal hardships.

in ITSSB’s PERKONGSIAN AMALAN DAN PENGURUSAN TERBAIK , educators and schools can have a detailed guide on how to have a fruitful counselling session with students. in this guide, teachers can help children to recognize their strengths, sharpen their interests and provides them with career options to explore their dreams. We strongly believe that every school should have an active counselling department. 

In this way, schools can prepare students for academic, career and social challenges by relating educational agendas to their success in the future. They make students motivated learners and facilitate their exploration of careers. Counselors also encourage students to talk to their parents or guardians about the things that they are worried about.

ITSSB Guides on Psychometric Intervention

Whether you are an educator, a teacher in an educational environment, or a layperson, there are resources available to help you guide students and their families through the effects of trauma in their lives. Have a look on our PANDUAN MODUL INTERVENSI PENTAKSIRAN PSIKOMETRIK and get the steps on how to conduct intervention to our precious students.

This guide is supported by research which has evidence-based interventions that are proven effective. Teachers can benefit from the experiences of people in a similar situation before you. This guidebook offers teachers a philosophy and goals and in making a plan for implementing them in your school culture.

Why Intervention is Important to School? 

Interventions an opportunity for the schools to figure out ways to serve their neediest students. With this method, there will be less students having problem coping or feel left out in their academic progress. We always think that children are a bundle of joy and perhaps they are free from stress. Little that we know they also can accumulate stresses both at home and school. So as an educator in school, you need to know how to guide them with proper counselling and maybe intervention. 

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