Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer & Hand Gel To Prevent Virus & Illnesses

Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer & Hand Gel To Prevent Virus & Illnesses

Do You Need To Wear Face Mask?

With the current outbreak of coronavirus, we can never be too sure what is actually happening outside. Although the situation is under control in our country, having a face mask on when in public can do a lot of help to others. Surgical masks are common and necessary especially in a hospital setting. We have seen patients, family members, doctors and nurses are in a closed environment with numerous individuals impacted by various illnesses. 

Surgical masks or face masks, if properly worn, are effective in preventing the spread of droplet infections or spray of fluid or large droplets. For those who are working in an environment where there will be a huge number of people, in the mall or public spaces, you are safer with a face mask on.

Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Usage

The main function of a face mask is to limit the spread of germs. Especially when someone talks, coughs, or sneezes they may release tiny drops into the air that can infect others. Someone who is sick is highly advised to wear one so he or she can  reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases and can protect other people from becoming sick. A face mask also protects the wearer’s nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids.

We all know the importance of proper hand-washing in reducing harmful germ transmission. However, there are times when there is no access to soap and water or not enough time to wash thoroughly. Hand sanitizer can be used to kill the germs present on the skin. The alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses. 

Who Needs to Wear Face Mask?

Currently, plenty of experts advise that face masks should be worn by anyone who is experiencing coronavirus symptoms, as well as anyone at high risk of developing coronavirus. We must take precautions on the influenza case as well. Influenza is not fatal but it is contagious.  Consider wearing a face mask when you are sick with a cough or sneezing illness (with or without fever). The face mask will help protect and prevent them from catching your illness. Schools and tuition centers staff are highly recommended to wear too, this includes students who are feeling under the weather. 

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