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ITSSB Education Supplies, School & Teacher Supplies

Malaysia’s Biggest School Supplier – ITSSB

At ITSSB, we believe that the development of a child lies in his or her education. For all children to be educated, packed with skills, good characters and ethics; these are the dream of all educators in the world. By carrying the same dream of all educators, ITSSB is born. We create educational solutions that support the whole child, no matter where they are, in the classroom, at home, and in the community, we have it all.

For 15 years, we have created, produced and supplied to almost all Malaysia’s primary and secondary schools. We have branched out to early learning, pre-schools and even tuition centers. From the early age of a child, we have every tool needed for their development. We are with you every step of the way on the path to good education.

Why Choose ITSSB? 

Your one-stop teacher and education supllies, ITSSB is a passionate team that believes in the joys and value of education. We provide a necessary resource to professional, home educators and also parents at every level, offering well-developed products and aids designed by fellow educators, creatively designed children to enjoy learning and all its activities in the school.

Our mission is to provide only proven and effective resources for every subject: from math, science, language, fitness, music, to robotic aids and helpful tools that encourage study skills and productive learning habits. We also cater to school office supplies that can help all its departments. Whatever a school needs, we have it all. 

Wide Coverage of Education Supplies from Educational Toys, Pre-school to Teacher Supplies

We provide nationwide shipping to support educators regardless of their location, and are always available to offer helpful advice, recommend some of schools’ favourites to teachers and educators nationwide. Contact us today and we’re ready to answer all of your educational needs or browse easy and convenient online store to find educational products to welcome all students into the world of learning.

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