ITSSB guide to Playground: A Place For Children To Grow and Learn


ITSSB Experience: Playground Is More Important Than You Think

We have been supplying educational kits, toys and tools for schools for many years and we realized that, nothing inspired learning and promoted growth more in children than playing. Playing impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically and with multifaceted ways. So why playground is important in terms of playing? Compared to the fancy video games, toys, TV shows and other forms of entertainment, playgrounds offer many advantages and benefits to children, especially when it comes to development. Childhood is a time of rapid growth, and the right play equipment can encourage children to develop at all levels as they have fun.

We at ITSSB Found That Playground Offers Several Benefits to Children

Grow Physically by Playing:

Children are encouraged to be more active when playing equipments are around. These equipments help them to build muscles and fine motor skills in the process. Slides, climbers, swings and other types of equipment encourage children to develop their balance, speed, agility and coordination. By having children to develop a habit of exercise in a fun way will shape their interest to stay active throughout their lives.

Enhance Sensory Activities:

Compared to most type of plays, playgrounds stimulate children to explore all their senses. Children can have fun with movement on the swings or can enjoy the texture of a climber. Most playground equipments are created with bright colours and with other kids around, children engage all their senses to get the most during playtime.

Encourage Social Skills:

When children meet others on the playground, they learn to get along, agree with the playtime rules and even resolve conflicts. These engagements are needed to build social skills. They can also overcome their shyness by playing together while learning to share and build friendships. Moreover, playgrounds can be more diverse places than a child’s classroom, since they invite children of all different ages and backgrounds to play together.

Healthy Emotional Development:

Children who use the playground as their playtime to get physical exercise can help them deal with stress and boredom and serve as a healthy means of dealing with emotions.For example, when children are feeling down, they may find the physical activity and distraction of play able to direct their negative emotions to a more positive emotion.

ITSSB Provides Playground Designs & Equipment

If you want to encourage the link between playground equipment and child development, you need playgrounds that are designed to be beneficial for children. ITSSB has created playgrounds and play equipment that is durable and thrilling for kids. If you’d like to set up your ideal playground, contact us today.

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